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Our story begins at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. The many lockdowns and restrictions dramatically hurt both small and large businesses and especially those who weren’t digitally present. As business owners ourselves, we quickly understood the situation and set ourselves the mission of helping businesses become more visible online.

Nowadays we are serving customers in various industries, from tourism to e-commerce, schools to NGOs. Let us become your marketing department & we will bring your company or organization to the spotlight!

Step by step

4 Months Program


We will analyze your business and produce a growth oriented marketing strategy.


We will analyze and improve your website’s design, SEO and Google presence.


We will design branded marketing materials for you to be used both online and in print.


We will create winning content for your website, public relations, blog or marketing material.

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Brand Strategy and Design

Transforming your business or organization into a recognized brand is a process which requires a proper strategy, original design and content, a good understanding of your market and target audience and many other tasks.

Web design and online performance

Your website is probably the best way for you to share information and sell products or services to your customers. If you don’t have a website yet, no worries, we can build you a fantastic, responsive and captivating website

Visibility testing and analysis

Who is your ideal customer? What do your competitors do that works for them? How do viewers behave on your website and how can we lead them into the web pages which can convert them into paying customers?

Take just one more step and let us join your journey towards online visibility!

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